Robb’s Gig 2010

The following message is brought to you via Jamie, from the wonderface that is Paul C. MacMahon.

Hey beautifuls, and good afternoon to you, the lovely crew.

It’s coming round to that time of the year again, and big ting gwahn in the background of late to bring together the latest installment of our friend Robb’s gig. Robb’s Gig 2010’s venue and date is now CONFIRMED, and we’re proper excited about it. We’ve got plenty of time to pull together an awesome celebration of his life and loves, get creative, make videos, create new bands, write songs, draw pictures, create decorations, act all silly and all the other malarky that we do so well.

Once all that has been sweated over, let’s all get together and show each other what we’ve been doing in:

The Farmhouse, Lansdown in Bath (


Saturday 25th September 2010 from 5pm.

The staff at the Farmhouse have been really supportive so far and are eager to put the event on, and the pub is completely lush, great atmosphere and perfect for any level of noise we want to make into the wee small hours. We’ve got it exclusively for us till 1 o’clock in the morning.

As we have no limit on noise this year we’re able to crank those amps back up to 11! We will have full backline available (including drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, electric piano and mics), so if you would like to put something together and play let me know and we’ll start to put together a playlist for the evening. We’re encouraging the punk, rock and metal side of things, as well as the acoustic and folk element, and will hopefully have a nice dynamic swoop to the evening. We also have some pretty special things in the works that might not come off, so I won’t mention them yet.

The Farmhouse have a large HDTV behind the stage, so if anyone has anything visual that they would like to display through it – any format should be fine as we can hook a laptop up to it – let me know. We’ll be looping images and things on there through the night, but it would be awesome if we could have another video interlude. Again, if anyone wants to put together a film or show something they’ve created in the past this would be an ideal opportunity.

We’ll be cooking up a barbecue (hopefully) from about 5pm in the outdoor bit of the Farmhouse (which is also really lovely). (It’s all just really lovely there). If the weather is pooping we’ll keep it indoors and sort out some other form of catering. Let me know if anyone has any specific food ideas.

In the spirit of collaboration and embracing emerging technologies I’ve started a Spotify mix to collate all things Robb and musical. Come on board and add freely any songs to be played on the evening in between the live stuff. If you haven’t got Spotify you definitely should have it, and you can get it from for free – I have a couple of invites left for the unlimited music version so hit me up if you want!

We really hope the date is good for everybody, if anyone has houses that have beds what are inside them for people to sleep in locally then here’s the place to hook up. I can be contacted on, and my mobile number is 07742 364102 for asking the things about the evening and please let me know if you’d like to play, what you’ll be doing and what (if any) of the backline you’ll need. Of course, if there people that need to know and are not on the Facebook then please spread the word.

As always, huge love friends.


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Robb’s Gig 2010