Robbfest 2020!!!

Hello, Robb’s crew!

We did it again! It’s truly wonderful that after all this time we can still pull off a really special event – thanks to all for your support over the years! It’s freaking brilliant to have this opportunity to remember Robb with a loving, talented, courageous, daft group of friends, old and new.

We have been talking a bit about how we can best continue, develop and grow Robb’s Gig as it enters it’s fifteenth year and have taken a bold decision to try and have a go about the much talked about but never actioned – ROBBFEST!!!!

Robbfest would be a whole weekend outdoor extravaganza in a rural southwest location (which we are currently working to confirm) where guests can also camp festival style! 

We hope the benefits of announcing and holding the first Robbfest would be as follows: 

1) More time for planning and practice – we hope by giving everyone a bit more notice than usual we can include more people to perform not only music, but spoken word, dance, comedy, poetry or frankly anything anyone would like to perform!! We are also going to do some detective work to see if we can rustle together some of the previous Robb’s Gig performers of old. 

2) In addition, we appreciate that the last few Robb’s Gigs haven’t given much opportunity for Robb’s friends from the north or further afield to attend. We hope by giving more notice, more people could make arrangements to get to the gig, and also by camping avoid Bath’s horrific accommodation costs!

We’d like to make Robbfest child-friendly and as inclusive as possible. If you have any special requirements, let us know and we’ll do our best to help. We like to help!

3) More performance time – we can spread the performances over two full days and have less noise restrictions and a later curfew! Again – we are looking for as many people who want to perform as possible – there’s plenty of time! 

4) It could be fun (or terrible)! But it will definitely be a lovely place populated by lovely people! Which we love.

However – to make this happen we are going to need all your help! 

First – setting a date – we are always going to struggle to find a date that everyone can do. However, thinking about summer holiday plans and other music festivals etc., we are proposing to hold the first Robbfest on the weekend of 10th-12th April 2020.

If this date is impossible for you, or you have info that it clashes with something we should know about, please let us know in the comments below (or inbox us). We want to make it work for as many of us as possible.

Second, we are going to need to fund this thing if it is to happen. We are hoping that if you would like to attend the event you will be able to contribute £20 for the whole weekend to help us cover all the various costs of putting on this event. This would be your entry ticket, including space for camping.

If this is too much then please pledge whatever you feel you can afford. Even if you can’t make Robbfest, we’d really love it if you could still pledge to try and help make something beautiful happen?

We have set up a Kickstarter ( to see if we can hit our target to make this thing viable by the end of January. 

As always we would love any help, support, advice, feedback or any dirty limericks you can offer.

Love from us to you! xxx

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