Robb’s Gig 2020 – Online Edition!!!

Hiya chums!

So how about the evening of Saturday 12th December for Online Robb’s Gig 2020?

I’m thinking we make a bunch of videos of music, dancing, comedies, whatever creativities Robb’s Gig inspires in you, and do a big Zoom meet to play ‘em, chat, have nice times together.

I’m really hoping we can include even more of Robb’s friends than ever this way! You don’t even need to leave your house!

Cool cool? Cool.

Here’s what I need you to do…

Be available that evening for fun time and frolics.

Sign up to the Robb’s Gig Mailing List here 👉 👈 to be notified of the special URL you’ll need on the night.

If you wanna submit a video, send it to using (super easy!).

Recording a video on your phone is totally perfect.

If you have better equipment and wanna use that, go for it!

If you need inspiration, here’s Mike McCready from the Pearl Jams playing in his bathroom:

And if you wanna do a collaboration with other folks, here’s the brilliant Two Minutes to Late Night doing some Weird Al: (less raucous collabs are also very welcome!) 

Or you could collaborate with your own self, like our beautiful Paul MacMahons:

If you have no idea where to start, or if you need help or advice on recording or sending stuff, just ask! We will love to help!

!!! Woop !!!

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