Hello everyone!

This year we thought it might be cool to all club in and do something silly and creative for the event and that way we’ll all have something to take away from it and keep – preserved in the annals of the internet until it gets archived in a few years.

So here’s the guide track for the video let’s make for Robb’s gig 2011. Put simply, this is the basis from which you can record your own bit. Simply put some headphones on, listen to this version and sing/drum/percuss/dance/mime/literally anything along and record yourself doing it.

The song is at 112bpm – there’s lots of a metronome at the end if you want to do your bit without the incredibly annoying track playing in the background.

The lyrics and chord progression are here:

You can find the solo and sax bits around the net.

Once you’ve recorded your bit email it to me at I’ll then piece together the final piece in the style of Kutiman The intention is for me to not really be in the final version that much (this really is a guide, sod playing this on the night!) and to have as many people as possible in the video – y’know, cos it’d be really nice.

Email me at or ring me on 07742 364102 if you want some help doing this – you could even come round mine and use my tech to get in the video if you want

Honestly, anything is fine – just smiling and waving would be fine – inclusion’s the name of the game.

Big love xx

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