2011 Gig Latest Update!

Hello everyone!

Here’s a little update to keep you in the loop with what’s been going down about Robb’s Gig 2011 over the last couple of weeks and the big news is that we’ve put together a really exciting night of music full of contrast and excitement as well as some things you will simply never have seen before. Truly an absolute wealth of varied and incredible talent for our night. LOOK AT DIS BIZNATCH:

Protest Crayon
Jemima Surrender

Death from a Bum 999 – Paul M, Chris H and Harry W try some Death from Above
March of the Mallards – John Ryan, Paul Tucker, Mojo and an as yet unnamed additional Mallard attack some Minor Threat
Sex Hammer
Hundredth Monkey

Broken Jukebox – Simon Panrucker in improv rap hilarity
Tom Skelton
Elderberries – Tom Eldon in “Being Called Elderberries Without His Knowledge and Against His Will Shocker”. Live link-up video folk madness!

Dirk Landish – Dirk’s beautiful mellotron-esque vocals and blues about broken love and Western living
Dexter Selboy – poetry and musictimes from
Rivers of England
The Chicken Supremes – Three sweet fem-vocals combine in pun-tastic soulful beautifulness

We’ll be having a jukebox on the night for you to pick songs to put on between the acts for a small donation, but if you would like to pre-load some music to be played then the Spotify playlist is ready to take picks – http://open.spotify.com/user/beergoggles/playlist/35IqkcTFCPkgQeI0z3zhhm

The Assembly have also promised to get some Jager in – naturally.

Also, if there’s anyone who can’t make it to the gig we will be streaming the whole event on www.robbnoxious.com from 6pm on the night, so put the word out if you know friends who can’t make it.

Really, going over this again, this is going to be a really really special night. Can’t wait to see everyone there.

Lots and lots of love
See you all on the night xx

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