Robb’s Gig 2007

Hi. We gotta get things going, as this years gig is fast approaching and we’ve virtually done nowt!

First things first, it’s gonna be on Friday 14th September 2007 at Invention Studios, Bath. We couldn’t get the Saturday, so Friday it is. Which is Robb’s actual birthday anyway.

Debs n I think that we should do it acoustic-style this year. Kinda open mic like, so people can get up n play if they have the nerve, or speak a poem or perform a… performance. We think all the music should be acoustic tho, to give it a different vibe to last year, and maybe make some interesting things happen (tho there’s not very long to get tunes figured out)… 7 Crowns Unplugged?

Hopefully we can get a bunch of kit together again (anyone got an acoustic bass?!) so people can just get up and play. Any offers greatly appreciated! If you wanna bring your own guitars anyway thats fine, but it’d make things easier to share drums n that.

On the subject of drums… this time we wanna do the ‘drum off’. We think it’ll be kinda like an MC battle, but just drums. We need someone to organise whos gonna play on the night and keep track of winners n stuff.

We’re also planning to do some ‘live art’ with a big canvas (or many small ones) set up on the night with crayons n that for people to draw stuff. If anyone wants to get in early on that and get things going let us know and you can come in during soundcheck or something.

As I said, if you wanna just turn up and play that should be fine, just come and find debs or rach or me and we’ll try and make it happen. It’d be good to have an idea of whos performing (and how many!) tho, so if you’re definitely up for it maybe let us know in advance! Also if you have an unusual set up or bit of kit we’ll need to soundcheck it before the doors open.

Any input welcome, especially a name for it! I don’t think Robb would be too impressed with ‘Robb’s Gig’ so we should try do a bit better this time!

There’s a group setup on FaceBook to discuss the gig, post pictures or whatever, so if you’re signed up for FaceBook, go join it!

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