The performers…

Heres a preliminary running order of acts, starting at 7.15pm:

chris and noddy and matt and paul (the butchers)
Sam Crockford
Tom Eldon
Essex Mike
Phil Eggins
Richard Perkins
James Koppert
Mike, Paul, Matt and Tom
Andy Cook
Master Duncan
Jimmer and Nik
So Am I
The Appletree Boys

Any objections? Problems? Bear in mind it not an order of rank or status, everyone playing is awesome, it’s just what we think will make a good night of cool stuff! We got a couple of other things going on that will be happening between some acts.

If I’ve missed anyone off, lemme know a.s.a.p.

Also, unless we end up running early on the night I think we’re full of performers now, so if you haven’t let us know already then either turn up and hope for the best, or wait til next year! xx

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